Here at GreenSpace not only do we care about you SpaceJanitors cleaning your worlds but we also care about causes in our own world. With your help we can promote real world problems and raise money to support the organizations that deal with them! If you would like to help please check out our Causes and Featured tabs found under the Build tab on the bottom left hand side of your screen. GreenSpace is always looking for more ways to help, but for now feel free to read below about the causes that are currently in game and what you can do to help!

Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF)

The CWF is one of the largest wildlife organizations in Canada and they pride themselves in researching problems occuring in Canada's vast wildlife and teaching the public about how they can help. GreenSpace is committed to helping the CWF by allowing its players to purchase in game animals and decorations with proceeds going directly to the CWF. 

Help today by putting a leatherback turtle or wolverine in your world! 

For more information on the CWF check out their website at


WeForest is an international not for profit organization that is creating an unstoppable movement around tree-planting. They are dedicated to restoring natural resources while providing social justice by planting bio-diverse forestest in poor countries to cool climate and provide jobs for women allowing them to feed and educate their children. 

GreenSpace and WeForest come together to bring players Play2Plant. Play2Plant offers players the chance to put a tree in their game and a tree in real life! For every WeForest Tree planted in game, WeForst plants a tress in real life through their tree-planting initiative.

Plant one of these gorgeous trees in your game today and bring social change and a sustainable environment to our world today! 

For more information on WeForest, visit their website at

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