Cleaning and processing garbage is your main objective. 

Headquarters will send you missons to accomplish to help you restore your sector.

Energy StructuresEdit

Establishing alternative energy sources is required to generate the energy you need to clean. You can choose and build energy structures from your build menu.

Pinnacle structures increase the productieity of your energy structures. 

Materials and ResourcesEdit

You can recycle or reuse materials you find while cleaning and processing garbage. Each piece of trash contains a certain type of material.

You can also harvest resources from the garbage you clean and from wildlife drawn by trees.

All materials are stored in your inventory.


In the Workshop, you can use materials to craft items and supplies to enable restoration in your sector. If you are missing materials, spend some Rocketfeul to buy the supplies you need.


Upgrade structures to increase the structure's efficiency and energy production.

Improve your performance by researching items that help you move faster, queue more garbage, or upgrade your energy capacity.

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