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GreenSpace Sector Map

GreenSpace, Inc. has mapped many island sets, pieces of shattered continents large enough to establish facilities. There have been many more possible sets spotted but we lack the resources to explore.

These days when we refer to a shortage of resources, we refer to a shortage of Space Janitors.

Travel AroundEdit

If you want to where you can explore, you can find the map in your Rocket. Click on it to pull up your map.  You can see all of the islands, which ones you can make it to and the GreenSpace star system.

It is important to note that your energy meter is shared amongst all your islands. Any structures that you place will help you earn stars.

Visit a FriendEdit

Space Janitor Friends are vital to your missions. To invite friends find the icon that says "Friends" at the bottom left of your screen. , click on a friend’s name to travel to their sectors. Helping your friends earns you stardust!

Random VisitEdit

Also on the friend bar is the option for ‘Random Visit’. Click to randomly visit the sector of another Space Janitor. You can either help them clean to find materials you may need or just check out how they have designed their world. Don’t forget to rate their world!

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