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Thank you for taking the first step towards planetary rejuvenation!

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Our Story

A group of survivors founded GreenSpace Inc. in an effort to solve the longest-running historical problem of human history:  what to do with our trash?

A floating layer of refuse now surrounds Earth. We once thought, the only way to save our planet was to dispose our garbage into space. We were wrong.

Some people called it the Apocalypse. The scientists told us that our tiny packages of rocketed garbage were no match for Earth’s immense magnetism, that the trash we launched collected in our outer gravitational field because it never even made it farther to outer space.  One day it began raining trash. The next day the atmospheric pressure had so destabilized that continents broke up, ocean basins opened, the surface flooded. Earth’s face forever changed.

We don’t know who or what is left.

GreenSpace, Inc. enlists Space Janitors, recruits from those remaining to explore and to clean the fractured land sectors. At GreenSpace, you don't simply pick up garbage--you restore the planet. 

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